Databases Samples.

Watch this video to see the sample Databases you are offered with our Databases.


Frequently Asked Questions.

These files are Excel based, So you are free to edit them, You can do the tasks by opening it on MS Excel.

We run multiple email cleanups while scraping this data. But, We would recommend you do it a third time for due-diligence. We have achieved over 96% Valid Email rates on our softwares.

Yes! Absolutely.

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Yes, If you failed to download your product and we couldn’t help you resolve it, We will issue full refund within 14 days. If you have downloaded the product already and not using it/asking for refund, We will not entertain it. 

We want serious businesses to associate with us, If you cannot run email campaigns/cold calling campaigns with this data and ask for a refund, That defies the purpose, Hence no refund is issued in such cases.

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